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Filibaba Implementation – Day 2

Happy Birthday, Natalie!

Today we visited the site in the afternoon, so as not to disrupt any Sunday church services. There was noticeable progress on the roof construction, with just a couple of roofing panels remaining to be installed. We also conducted a focus group today with a sample of men and women from the community. We displayed the BBOXX battery kit and demonstrated the accessories it can power such as lights, cell phone charging, electric shaver, and a TV. The community was excited by and interested in all accessories, although it is very difficult to obtain a TV signal in Filibaba. We explained the rent-to-own business model for the battery kits and discussed pricing ranges they would be comfortable with, both for battery kits and for cell phone charging services at the kiosk itself. Their feedback was essential for the finalization of the business model for the energy kiosk.

After the site visit, we celebrated Natalie’s birthday with a delicious cake made by the guest house and a group dinner with Likonge and Chipo.

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