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Muhuru Bay, Kenya

The Muhuru Bay microgrid was installed and commissioned in August 2014. It has a peak capacity of 4.88 kW: 2.88kW of solar (PV), and 2kW of wind power. The microgrid is located on the compound of Kristy’s Cape Academy, a school serving girls and boys from Kindergarten to 12th grade. The microgrid supplies power to an energy kiosk and a nearby house. The energy kiosk produces ice for local the fishing community, and serves as a charging station and convenience store. The system has produced over 6 Megawatt-hours of energy in its first three years of operation.


UPDATE: Kenya Power & Light has extended the national electric grid to Muhuru Bay! Electricity from the grid is almost always less expensive than from a microgrid. In 2019, in consultation with Kristy’s Cape Academy, the decision was made to de-commission the Muhuru Bay microgrid in favor of connecting to the national electric grid. KWH provided funds to not only connect the energy kiosk to the grid, but also wire and connect Kristy’s Cape Academy. The school now has electricity for lights, computers, and other activities.

KWH also provided funds to responsibly collect and recycle the station batteries and portable battery kits at the end of their useful life. This removes potentially hazardous chemicals from the community.

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