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Filibaba Implementation – Day 7

Friday marked the last day that the KWH team was in Filibaba. The agenda consisted of finishing the wiring of lights in the kiosk, wiring the neighboring church, hosting the community event, and opening for business. Before the community event even started at 10:00 hours, the kiosk already had its first two phone charging customers. The event attracted a sizable number of residents, including the Community Councilor and Chairman. Likonge and Mike described the kiosk’s services, demo’d the BBOXX17 and answered several questions. The community is eager for the arrival of the Solar Home Systems and portable battery kits.

Meanwhile, the kiosk lighting was completed and an outlet was installed in the nearby church.

By the end of the day, we had our first Solar Home System customer put down a deposit and several devices were charged. The kiosk is off to a successful start!

On Saturday the team will head back to Lusaka and eventually back to Seattle. The students and volunteers feel an immense sense of pride and accomplishment in the work done in Filibaba. We are humbled by the community’s support and graciousness toward aour group and can’t wait to see the progress made after the first follow-up trip in a few months.

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