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Each one of KiloWatts for Humanity’s projects is done in collaboration with an in-country
NGO partner which serves as the owner and operator of the energy kiosk. In-country
contractors and vendors are also used whenever possible.

We work with our partners to collect community surveys, perform site assessments, and coordinate
the implementation of renewable energy solutions.

Together, we review system health using real-time data and strive for continuous improvement in energy utilization and sustainability of business models.

Caritas Monze


Caritas Monze is the rural development arm of the Diocese of Monze. The Diocese of Monze is a pastoral administrative unit within the Catholic Church in Zambia. Its coverage is most of Southern Zambia. Established in 1962, the Diocese of Monze has been intricately intertwined with the history, formation and social development of the southern part of Zambia. Throughout its long history, the Diocese has been a key player in the provision of social infrastructure and social services such as education and Healthcare. In addition to being a major provider of social infrastructure and social services, the Diocese has been an influential player in politics and economic development among the rural people of the Diocese. The diocese has also been effective in influencing and enhancing the economic status of women and youths through women empowerment and youth skills training interventions.

Harvest Help Zambia

Harvest Help Zambia was founded by Ginny and Leo Goodfellow in 1970, with a
mission to improve the quality of life for hosting communities through integrated
community action by increasing their capacity to manage and sustain their own
developmental activities. Its main work has been in the Gwembe Valley assisting
Tonga communities that have been affected by the construction of Kariba Dam
and the Zimbabwean Independence war. The current director is Alexander
Kasenzi who has an office in Siavonga and continues to empower communities
through agricultural education.

Green Trust Ltd.

Green Trust is a Zambian nonprofit organization that was founded in 2016 by
Lucy and Reynard Pieterse with the goal of helping rural communities utilize their
natural resources to sustainably develop their economic and social capacity.
This vision is being achieved by implementing agricultural methods and
technologies that do not adversely impact the environment, educating their
neighbors about ecological sustainability, and improving access to local market
resources. Lucy and Reynard live in the Lake Kariba region of Zambia’s
Southern Province, and have significant experience with natural resource
management and collaboration with local communities in the Zambezi valley.

LiChi’s Community Solutions Ltd.

LiChi Community Solutions is a Zambian nonprofit that was formed in 2014 by
Likonge Makai Mulenga, an electrical engineer working for the Konkola Copper
Mines. Likonge’s history with energy efficiency research motivated her to found

LiChi Community Solutions in order to bring electrification, employment and
education to rural communities near her hometown of Chingola, Zambia. LiChi
has successfully developed an energy kiosk in Filibaba and has distributed a
multitude of solar home kits in Shikwakala, and plans on expanding their
operations to additional villages in the northern Zambia region.

Kristy’s Cape Academy

Kristy’s Cape Academy is a primary school located on the shores of Lake
Victoria in western Kenya. The school was opened in 2010 with a dozen
students, and quickly grew to hundreds of students, many of whom are
orphaned due to HIV/AIDS. KCA holds high standards of educational
excellence, and maintains a strategy for encouraging girls to attend
school, thus decreasing the likelihood of poverty, early pregnancy, and abuse.

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