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Kanchomba, Zambia

The Kanchomba energy kiosk is the largest, most technologically advanced, and comprehensive system KiloWatts for Humanity has ever installed. The installation was completed in October 2020. It was the first program that we've done without sending a volunteer team to oversee the implementation, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It also marks the first time KWH has worked with a local partner (Caritas) at multiple locations. Caritas did a wonderful job managing the construction, implementation and local community engagement. The kiosk is owned and operated by the Kanchomba Youth Group. The electricity is used to power a water pump that irrigates a community garden, two freezers, an egg incubator, a salon, a barbershop, cell phone chargers and a small grocery store. As soon as it's safe to do so, a small KWH team will travel to Kanchomba to install a Data Acquisition System and to support the Kanchomba Youth Group as they develop sustainable businesses powered by their new solar kiosk.

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