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Cheeba, Zambia

In September 2019, KiloWatts for Humanity in partnership with Caritas Monze, implemented a solar kiosk in Cheeba, Zambia. Although Cheeba is near one of Zambia’s largest hydropower stations, the people have no access to electricity until the solar kiosk was installed.

The kiosk is owned and operated by the Lower Kafue Women’s Center (a women’s group within the Cheeba community). The kiosk employs two people, and supplies electricity for freezers, mobile phone and battery charging, a barbershop, and small grocery store. 

The technical specifications of the system include nine solar panels (3 kW total), eight rugged lead-carbon batteries (19 kWh total), and a 2000 VA inverter. 

Read more about the implementation trip here:

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