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Filibaba Implementation – Day 6

Today Jenna and Rianne prepped Mike, Likonge and the community social worker, Mr. Fulualo, for tomorrow’s community event. The whole Filibaba community is invited to learn about the services available at the kiosk- phone charging and portable battery kit and solar home system rentals for in-home lighting and powering other small devices such as radios. The event will also serve as a “soft opening” where the kiosk will begin offering phone charging to the community members for a small fee. This will save the residents from having to wait until they go to Chingola- an expensive ride or several hour bike ride away- to charge their phones. The 30 solar home systems are just days away from arriving in Filibaba and the portable battery kits will follow shortly after.

Dave and Eli took the lead on getting the meters setup in the kiosk and assisting the electrician, Ngosa, with the interior wiring. Niall was busy documenting the day and lending a hand to both teams.

As the sun was beginning to set, the kiosk was serenaded by the Baptist church’s choir on the west and the Catholic church’s choir on the east. And just as darkness fell, the first official lightbulb was installed outside to provide security to the kiosk. While day 4’s light test was a triumph, today was the first day we could drive away with a light on.

Tomorrow’s community event and opening will also be the final day for the KWH team in Filibaba. It is a bittersweet end to a productive and fulfilling trip as we’d all love to see the final paint job and first solar home system rented out but we are confident in the Zambian team and LiChi’s completion of the final touches.

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