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Chalokwa Implementation – Day 5

We have completed another full day in Chalokwa and are making steady progress towards our goal of being ready for the grand opening on Sunday. At the end of the day, all battery kits have been tested and delivered to the kiosk; the interior and exterior wiring have been completed and lightbulbs have been mounted; all significant mechanical work has been completed; and the data acquisition system functioned today with no issues. The overnight security lights were connected and left on at the kiosk for the first time, which we hope will provide a clear message to the community that electricity has been brought to Chalokwa. We had a successful meeting with the local village headmen, each of whom represent a group of a few dozen to a few hundred people, who are all receptive to our business plans and will be a huge asset in promoting the energy business. Meanwhile, Henry, AJ and Adnane joined Karim on an assessment trip of two new villages; we plan on implementing two similar projects one year from now, so it is important to gain an understanding of the needs and resources of the local community to assist in the design of the kiosk. There is only one work day remaining, and we are all confident that we will be ready to celebrate a successful completion of the project at the opening ceremony on Sunday morning.

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