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Chalokwa Implementation – Day 4

Today the lights went on in Chalokwa! The group arrived in the village early to troubleshoot the issues that developed with the data acquisition system and to begin wiring the interior of the kiosk. It took a few hours, but Keiko and AK were successfully able to isolate the short and successfully run the system power through the DAS. AK was also busy supervising the electrician, and was then the first person to switch on the power to the interior lights – a really exciting moment. Meanwhile, AJ and Adnane spent most of the day continuing the training of the kiosk manager and also met with Lucy and Reynard to finalize the pricing of the kiosk services and identify any remaining questions about the business plan. A follow up meeting with Mr. Chadwick and Mr. Nyambe, the headmaster and a senior teacher at the school, indicated that the business plan is realistic and meaningful to the Chalokwa community. We are excited to finish wiring the kiosk tomorrow and to implement the full capabilities of the energy kiosk!

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