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Chalokwa Implementation – Day 6

Our time in Chalokwa is approaching its end, and the energy kiosk is nearing completion. An increasing number of people have been gathering around the kiosk and the excitement is palpable in the community. Village children have transitioned from being intimidated and afraid of the KWH volunteers to crowding around the group and the kiosk at every chance they get. The schoolteachers have been describing how the presence of electricity will transform the infrastructure and prospects of the community. And the KWH team is ready to celebrate with Chalokwa after a week of strenuous work. We will arrive early in the morning for last minute troubleshooting and cleaning, and then look forward to eating and dancing with the community. As we begin to reflect on the lessons we have learned this week, it was appropriate that today the assessment trip team found an excellent location for our next project. At the moment, however, we are entirely focused on Chalokwa and the unique opportunity to be present tomorrow morning as electricity becomes available to the community for the first time.

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