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Meet Caritas Monze Project Manager Caritas Habeenzu

After graduating from the University of Zambia in 2017, with a major in development studies, Caritas Habeenzu began following her passion for empowering communities and boosting Zambia’s economy. This led her to a project management job with Caritas Monze, which she joined in 2022. Caritas brings a wealth of skills and knowledge to the table, such as leadership skills, the ability to set a clear direction and communicate effectively and inspire the team to achieve the organization’s goals. Not only is she a skilled and goals orientated person, Caritas Habeenzu is also passionate and dedicated to achieving the mission and core value of Caritas Monze.

Caritas Habeenzu (second from right) during a monitoring and evaluation visit to Kanchomba.

She is responsible for monitoring and evaluating existing solar kiosks as well as working with local communities to plan for future kiosk installations. Says Caritas, “I am involved in all kinds of areas with Caritas Monze, where I use my skills in running, evaluating and planning projects. My focus is on helping to promote human development. It is a fulfilling role for me.”

Recently, Caritas Habeenzu visited the solar kiosk installations in Cheeba and Kanchomba. There, she saw firsthand how renewable energy can change people’s lives for the better. Says Caritas, “It is important to remember how hard it can be to generate income through farming alone, especially now when climate change is getting worse. A drought and other environmental crises can completely destroy the crops and months of hard work.”

“Introducing a solar kiosk can make all the difference,” says Caritas with a smile on her face. “A lot of thriving small businesses have been created with our solar kiosks. They support egg incubators, where chickens can be hatched from eggs as an important food source. They create opportunities to open barbershops and salons, which take care of people’s need for haircuts and to maintain a good appearance. Other stores can open to take care of people’s need for snacks and cold beverages. With electricity, people can go out fishing and then store their fish in freezers and not have to worry the fishes would be spoiled.”

Being with Caritas Habeenzu, you see immediately the optimism and sense of commitment that she brings to her work with Caritas Monze and KiloWatts for Humanity. Says Caritas, “It is genuinely encouraging to see how our work is making a difference and helping people reach their full potential. Caritas means love, and we are here to show love and service.” With work starting on a new kiosk in Dengeza and planning beginning in Ntanga and Hambelele, KWH will be working even more closely with Caritas Monze in the coming months. Caritas Habeenzu will be a key member of the Caritas Monze team and will pay an important role in making these projects successful. KWH volunteers are certain to hear from Caritas Habeenzu.

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