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Light Up the Night on April 20th

Our 5th annual Light Up the Night fundraiser is just around the corner! This year we’re hosting a completely virtual fundraiser that will be held on April 20th from 6:00-8:00 PM PST via Zoom.

Each year our fundraisers help us raise money to provide access to electricity for those in need. Since Kilowatts for Humanity is an all-volunteer organization, overhead costs are low in order to ensure that the majority of our donations and support go towards our projects for maximum and lasting impacts in the communities we help. We value our incredible donors whose donations help us provide clean, solar-powered electricity.

This year we are hoping to raise $15,000 to support communities who lack electrical access. Registration will be $25 per person. Your registration and donations will:

  • Provide first-time access to electricity in off-grid communities

  • Enable job creation and entrepreneurship at community energy kiosks

  • Research electricity usage and monitoring system health via custom built data acquisition systems

We invite you to “purchase” impact items to symbolically support the essential components of our energy kiosks. An impact item may include a sewing machine that will allow clothing to be made and repaired. This will save money, time and will provide a steady stream of revenue for the energy kiosk. Or an impact item may include a hair trimmer. Most Zambian men prefer to have their heads shaved but keeping it that way without electric hair trimmers is tedious. Help us outfit a barber shop powered by the energy kiosk by donating a hair trimmer! Larger impact items may include solar panels or construction materials.

Get excited for a night of fun and fundraising in the name of ending energy poverty! We’ll be playing online trivia so be sure to create or join a team of six with a few friends, family, and coworkers for a chance to win fun prizes. We’ll also be having a silent auction! A few of our silent auction items include a Zambian Cooking Class where you’ll learn to cook nshima, Zambia's maize-based staple. If you’re interested in traveling, be on the lookout for a one week stay in the port wine region of Portugal. Bring along eight friends to meet the locals, try their food and learn their traditions.

Follow this link to register for the fundraiser and be on the lookout for a Zoom link in the following weeks. We’re excited to see you there!

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