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“A Focus on Partnerships”

KiloWatts for Humanity (KWH) has had a wonderful working relationship with Caritas Monze for five years now. Caritas Monze is the rural development branch of the Diocese of Monze in Zambia. Working together with KW, Caritas Monze has brought sustainable renewable energy to households across two communities in the sub-Saharan nation of Zambia. This partnership is integral in the success of the renewable electricity projects that have been completed, and for the future success of projects planned for 2023 and beyond. The new Director of Development of Caritas Monze Father Zulu, sat down with us just a few miles away from where one of these projects is succeeding, to talk about the partnership between KWH and Caritas Monze.

The common goal of sustainable development to improve people’s lives brought Caritas Monze and KWH together. “When KWH came into the picture, we saw this as a valued addition,” Father Zulu says. Caritas Monze had been at work for years in rural Zambian communities. “Our role with Caritas is to improve the dignity of people’s lives,” says Father Zulu.

However, KWH and Caritas Monze do not work alone, the communities are also involved. “The community has a role to play” Father Zulu continued “they are important to the success of these projects.” “Establishing a good relationship has helped us get to where we are” says Father Zulu recognizing how this partnership has helped buoy these renewable energy projects towards long term success “I love that” he adds.

Caritas Monze and KWH have formed a remarkable partnership that has allowed communities to get access to power much sooner than would have been otherwise. Reflecting on the projects Father Zulu thinks out loud, “When you can have solar power far from the grid, this is an amazing experience.” Looking ahead to a project in Ntanga he said, “In a place like Ntanga, when would they have power grid access?”

Father Zulu concludes “With solar energy the impact on communities and the possibility for future generations are limitless.”

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