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SU Team Wins Prestigious Award

CONGRATULATIONS to our Seattle University senior design team – the GRAND PRIZE winners of the 2014 NCEESEngineering Award for Connecting Professional Practice and Education! The team of senior ECE students Patrick Berg, Michael Koppi, Andrew Mewborn, and Daniel Nausner, along with faculty advisor Steve Szablya and help from Dr. Henry Louie, were selected from the 37 submissions to receive the grand prize: an award of $25,000 to the Seattle University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

These students have contributed an incredible amount of time and effort to the Muhuru Bay Community Microgrid Project and were responsible for designing the community charging station. This included optimization of wind and solar power, testing of portable battery kits, development of component requirements for converters and controllers, and design of the wiring diagram. The students were also involved in writing the Request For Proposals and the selection of vendors, and some will make the trip to Kenya in August for implementation.

THANKS to the team for all of their hard work in making this project a success!

You can view the project submission here and read more about the award here.

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