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Munyama Implementation – Day 2

Day two! Lots of work was completed on the exterior and interior of the kiosk, including posting the logos for KWH and for GE We Share the Power, who helped to fund this project. We continued to be a spectacle-we had kids of all ages, as well as a number of adults, watching as we worked on the kiosk for the entire duration of the project.

Today, Jenna, Maddie and I also trained Christopher (kiosk manager), Isaac (assistant), and Adam (security guard) on the business plan for the energy kiosk. Because Christopher has shopkeeping experience, we received input from him as to what method of bookkeeping has worked in the past; it was quite similar to our system, but operated in columns rather than rows and was easy to tally and multiply for totals at the end of the day. Christopher also gave the input on how he expects the kiosk to operate, which is essential to establishing a business that meets the needs of the community members.

In the afternoon, we got to tour the school! Munyama’s school is 1st-9th grade, though those who test highly and can afford to go to secondary school in Siavonga.

After our tour, Captain Kelly was fishing off the side of the houseboat, and let us give it a shot!

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