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Munyama Implementation – Day 1

Day 1, sunrise to sunset and beyond!

After a 3 hour trip across the lake on our houseboat (starting at 6am), we began our day with interviews to hire the kiosk manager and additional staff, consulting with Alexander, head of Harvest Help Zambia (the NGO within the country which now owns the kiosk), and trainings. It was the start of the business side of training as well as the installation of the solar panels, which was contracted with an in-country company, and interior wiring, which was a group effort between our team of engineers and a hired local electrician.

Renewable energy in Munyama, Zambia

After sunset, our captain, Kelly, took us out into the middle of the lake by speedboat so we could search for signal to send updates, as well as see some night fishing. HUGE nets are used to catch kapenta (little anchovy-sized fish) and bream (larger fish).

Fishing in Zambia

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