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Implementation Trip – Day 23

Tuesday September 2, 2014

Yesterday, September 1st, marked the first day of the school year and all students were called to school by a big bell hanging from a tree. There was a short ceremony with the raising of the Kenyan and USA flag (to honor visitors from Seattle).

We decided to go to Migori to run a number of errands: after the usual one and a half hour ride, we arrived in town just when a motor bike demonstration was going on to protest a new road tax that was introduced on this day. Lots of military personal was visible on the streets. It seems that there was a bit of a nervous atmosphere in Migori. While waiting at the bank, a couple of guys started to briefly engage in a fight until some bystanders quickly pulled them apart. We had lunch, and went to a dozen of stores to find supplies for the Energy Kiosk. At 4pm we called it a day, partially successful, since the taxi driver was complaining that we took too long. Ayesha bought 4 bags with 80 kg of maize each, to donate to orphans and widows from around Kristy’s Cape Academy.

When we got home, Zebedee brought us the good news that all 20 BBOXXs were out of the door, and people keep on inquiring when the next load is coming! We talked with BBOXX again, and the container with 300 BBOXXs is still stuck in Mombasa, and the KRA (Kenyan Revenua Authority) ordered a reverification of the container.

Today, Zebedee came in early to tell us that someone who is on the list to get a BBOXX with the next batch, paid him money in advance to the kiosk. The prospective customer felt it was safer to have the money with the Energy Kiosk rather than leave it home.

Today, we decided to head to Tanzania – which is a short drive from here to get some supplies for the house, and to experience a lunch in Tanzania. It took us longer than expected to go back to Kenya, due to some immigration issues, but we finally got home after an interesting day.

Zebedee also told us that more people are showing up with money for a battery kit rental, even though the batteries are not expected before the end of the week. There is a great anticipation in the community for the battery kits. According to Zebedee, every time a Probox taxi comes rolling in the neighborhood, several people flock to the Energy Kiosk asking if the BBOXXs have arrived.

Tallies: BBOXXs rented out: 20!

Dead bats: 5

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