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Implementation Trip – Day 15

Monday August 25, 2014

PowerGen finished installing the wind turbines today and they are producing power! We reviewed the maintenance procedures with PowerGen and Zebedee to make sure we all understood. Then we prepared for the community event. There was a loud speaker with music, sodas for all, presentations, and readings by several children from KCA. Several elders and community members gave short speeches to welcome us, including the local chief.

Vincent made some remarks on behalf of the Seattle team, and Clemencia also gave a speech for those from Alstom Nairobi. Finally, Zebedee introduced the microgrid and the BBOXXs. He gave demonstrations, discussed the price, and described the enrollment process. There was a lengthy Q&A, and then people submitted their names into the enrollment box. The event took about 3 hours, and there were about 80 community members, plus more than 30 children, in attendance. We had about 50 people submit their names for BBOXXs, and Zebedee has been keeping a sign up sheet going with about another 30 people wanting to enroll. We will start handing out the first 20 tomorrow morning, and the rest will have to wait until next week when the next delivery of BBOXXs are ready.

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