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Implementation Trip – Day 9

Tuesday August 19, 2014

Kayla and Eli got in on Sunday night and quickly got to work getting caught up on what the team had been working on. Henry, Steve, and Andrew have since left, so the team is left to Eli, Kayla, Michael, Jenna, and Dan. We’ve been busy finishing some electrical work (the data logger is now up and transmitting data!), making trips into town for supplies, and doing a lot of training with the Zebedee, the new microgrid manager. He’s been learning about all the different parts of the system, how to troubleshoot the microgrid, troubleshoot the BBOXXs, and most importantly, run the business. He’s been learning quickly! In the down time, we’ve been going on walks along the lake front with the kids, reading, teaching the local kids how to throw a frisbee, and taking lots of pictures.

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