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Implementation Trip – Day 10

Wednesday August 20, 2014

It’s been slow here, but good. We’ve gone through most of the training, the changes to the training docs have been typed up and will be printed in Migori when we pick up Vincent. The BBOXXs have been lasting for over three days on a full charge and Daniel figured out how to charge the light sticks. The kiosk has been organized, the ventilation hole has been knocked in the wall, and dust curtains are up. Zebedee has made two more posters in the local language and been spreading the word about the upcoming community event. Daniel verified that the airtel Sim card talk minutes work on the datalogger, and the energy meters will hold the reading even when unplugged for over a day. Michael and Jenna left this morning, and we got some good photos of a lightning storm and the stars last night =)

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