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KiloWatts for Humanity

Tickets to our 8th Annual Light Up the Night Fundraiser on April 30 (via Zoom) are now available! Register, donate, or bid on an auction item here


KiloWatts for Humanity provides first-time access to electrification where it is needed most. From site assessment and fundraising to technical design and proper training, we provide complete renewable energy solutions that are life-changing and sustainable.



We partner with in-country NGO’s and work together to develop sustainable business models for a variety of electricity-based services.
Whether it be cell phone charging, ice making, or access to information, each
business is custom designed for the community it serves.


KWH uses custom-built data acquisition systems which enable remote monitoring of projects after implementation. Data is used to optimize energy utilization, troubleshoot potential issues, and drive future designs.

[view data at]


We offer a unique opportunity for university students and industry professionals to contribute to the design and implementation of sustainable energy projects.

We regularly publish and present our results and lessons learned to help the broader energy 


 community and spread awareness of energy poverty.

Featured Projects

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