Chalokwa, Zambia

This project is a joint partnership between KWH and GE Renewable’s We Share the Power. The kiosk was opened on June 26, 2016 and is currently serving the people  of Chalokwa.  We look forward to seeing the development of both the energy kiosk and the community!


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Location: Chalokwa, Zambia

  • Southern Province, 3.5 hour drive from Lusaka
  • On the shores of the Zambezi River, downstream of Kariba Dam
  • ~300 homes as well as five surrounding villages equate to ~2,000 people in this area
  • Population of goat herders, farmers, and fishermen


Kiosk services:

  • Solar home kits
  • Refrigeration space for rent
  • Ice
  • Cold drinks and frozen meat
  • Battery charging
  • Laptop services for the local school


We Share the Power video filmed at our 2015 installation site in Filibaba, Zambia: