Munyama Implementation – Day 3

August 25, 2017 Blog by Erin Sheridan Day 3: Emily taught Madison and I how to survey a field! This field in particular is one of two located behind the kiosk, which Alexander is looking to use for a garden. The initial survey that Emily performed will allow Alexander to obtain an estimate for a solar-powered water pump and […]


Earth Hour: A Reflection on Energy Use

This past weekend I participated in the 10th annual Earth Hour, a global event encouraging people to shut off their lights to bring attention to climate change. While climate change is certainly an everyday concern of mine, this event resonated with me for more than one reason. A night of darkness is not a deliberate […]


YAI Zambia Assessment – Day 1

From volunteer Matt Salmon: Today, Chanda of YAI, AJ, and myself met with three different vendors/supplies. We began the day meeting with Maxwell Mumba (BD Manager) and Moses Mwale (Partnership Manager) of AgBit. AgBit’s purpose is to teach subsistence farmers how to transition to agribusiness. They currently work with various suppliers of ag equipment, seeds, […]


Chalokwa Implementation – Day 7

Sunday June 26, 2016 After a intensive week of work in Chalokwa, we have finally driven the bumpy dirt road to the village for the last time.  The grand opening of the energy kiosk went on for most of the day today, with speeches from the teachers, demonstrations of the products, dances by the community […]